Apply for your American Express Cash Blue Everyday Card

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Apply for your American Express Cash Blue Everyday Card
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American Express Cash Blue Everyday is a great credit card if you’re looking for cash in popular categories like groceries or gasoline, or if you feel the annual fee isn’t worth the Blue Cash Preferred Premium card.

However, the Everyday Card is not particularly unique among other annual fee reward cards, with the exception of department store rewards.

How to maximize the benefits received?

It’s important to get the most out of your credit cards and make the most of what they offer. To maximize the benefits of this particular card, members must first focus on urgent offers. This includes the welcome offer and the initial cashback percentage on groceries.

The welcome offer requires cardholders to spend $2,000 within the first six months to receive a reward of $100 or more. The 3% cashback on US groceries is limited to $6,000 per year, so the cardholder must spend at least that amount per year on groceries to get the most out of it.

After that, it’s important to plan your spending to make the most of rewards categories and 1% on all other purchases. However, if your spending behavior goes a little beyond what this card offers, you may want to upgrade to a Blue Cash Preferred card to maximize your benefits.

How to order your American Express Cash Blue Everyday

You can register on the official website. For this you need to fill in some information. It is a simple form that asks for your full name, mailing address, date of birth and other information in this regard. After that, some information about income and voucher. The whole process is simple and done in minutes. Read the next few lines to learn more about the benefits and how to get your american express cash blue every day.

American Express Cash Blue Everyday
Cashback No annual fee insurance benefits Bonus on first purchases
See how to request your American Express Cash Blue Everyday Card!

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Publicado em: 17/01/2022