Capital One Journey Student Credit Card

A ideal credit card for students manage finances easily

The Capital One Journey Students credit card has rewards like Cashback and others

Gas and grocery purchases automatically earn gas rewards. You can get cashback for a semester when you use the card.

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Get plenty of rewards when you shop with the Capital One Studet Journey credit card. See how to apply
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Features Capital One Journey Student Credit Card

Capital One is an innovator in the banking industry, especially when it comes to catering towards students. Journey Student Rewards Credit Card is a great way for them to make managing their finances easy and even more accessible with a mobile wallet app. The Journey Student Rewards credit card from Capital One is the perfect solution for students who want to pay off their loans, but can’t afford it. Students enrolled in approved courses will receive $500 towards their commute back to campus each semester

Capital One Student Credit Card

Points Program

Points are a type of reward system. They are a form of currency that is used as an incentive for customer loyalty. Points can be earned when customers make purchases with their card, or they can be redeemed for rewards like cash off, free items or free trips. Points can also be accrued and stored in an account on the card. Therefore, make sure you use your Journey Student credit cards on every purchase, that will make easy for you to earn more points.

A student credit card

It is important to mation AI technology has been gaining traction in many industries, as it is quickly becoming a necessary component of the modern business. In the banking industry, AI can be used to make lending decisions for small-business loans and personal credit scores. It can also assist with fraud detection and data analysis, to help banks better understand the customer experience. Eric Burr, Capital One’s senior banker president recently stated that they “reached one billion customer sessions with digital interactions” this year.

Capital One is pioneering their Journey Student Rewards credit card with AI technology because they know it can help students improve their student loan payment rates while better managing costs. Only some credit cards offer rewards like the Capital One Journey Student Rewards card. Along with that, with this card you’ll be earning back 3% of your money back in rewards every day as well as only having to pay half the annual fee. You also get exclusive perks such as airport lounges for when you go abroad.

Student Jorney card has Unlimited Cashback

Promoting higher education and giving students opportunities to save on food, clothes and travel is one of the foundations of the Journey Student Rewards Credit Card. It’s a perfect choice for new graduates with its no annual fee, cash back rewards, and other benefits.As reported by Capital One, on average students receive a $5 rebate when they switch over to them. They save time also by enrolling in their financial aid account while they’re at it. The average student receives $25-$50 per month with 6 transactions per month.

Capital One has found that over 90% of customers who sign up for their Journey credit card continue to stick with it because of its competitive benefits, like the interest free grace period and the ability to delay high balance due dates. Even for travellers who are only just new to the game, these benefits are invaluable. As you become more experienced though, you’ll realize that if used in excess, this card might stop earning any rewards whatsoever or even get cancelled out.

Capital One Student Journey Credit Card main benefits

  • No annual fees
  • Additional travel perks
  • Complimentary “Tuition Refund” benefit
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Student Journey Rewards
Point Program Casback on every purchase No annual fee Additional travel perks
A great credit card for students as it guarantees 1% unlimited cashback. Learn to apply for yours.
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