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This article will show you how to request your Savor credit card from capital One. This is a very popular card for its rewards programs, especially the Cashback program. In addition, it has high adhesion. And customer feedback on their ulso has been positive. Interested? Read the next lines to know how to apply.

First, you need to have a smartphone or a computer with internet available. Thus, access the official website of the company Capital One. The site has a very cool design and finding where to apply is very easy. On the home page, it already appears for you to enter a credit cards-only section. In this sense, a photo and brief description of each one appears when you select this function.

Savor One card Rewards

In addition, Capital One provides a service where you can compare cards by certain categories. These are: rewards program, type of credit card (student, popular, business), fees, credit limit level. Then, you can select what kind of criteria you want within that category. For example: rewards by cash, popular credit card with no annual fee and an excellent credit rating. This filter from the example mentioned above describes the Savor one card.

Now just click to apply now. Once this is done, you need to fill in a form with personal information: Full name, date of birth, social security number, whether you are a US citizen or not. This is the first step, then you have some basic information to answer like e-mail address and address. Finally, just wait for your card’s approval response.

Earn unlimited 3% cash back on dining, entertainment, popular streaming services and at grocery stores. Furthermore, 1% on all other purchases.  Also, you can count on a one-time $200 cash bonus once you spend $500 on purchases within the first 3 months from account opening.


Thanks for reading this far. The article was designed to be very didactic and explanatory. For you there is no doubt about the product or how to acquire it. Finding a card that does not cover annual fees and offers cashback on all purchases is no easy task. Thus, this card is one of the best available on the market. In this sense, don’t miss the chance to acquire yours.

So far we have explained everything you need to know, in terms of benefits and how to apply. now it’s up to you! Don’t be afraid if this is your first credit card. In addition to having reduced fees and Cashback rewards programs, your entire application is online and made easy. So, you can get the approval or negative response as soon as possible. If you are convinced that this is a good opportunity, just click on the button below to proceed.

Capital One Savor One
No annual fee Cashback Excellent credit level Internacional
See how to request Savor One Capital Card!

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Por: Déborah Martins

Publicado em: 21/01/2022