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The card gives you no annual fee, low interest rate on transfers

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The Citibank 18-Month Custom Cash Card was developed to fuel more spending, is designed to help customers withdraw the maximum amount of cash and does not have FDIC insurance. Get the Citi Custom Cash Card to avoid financial stress. The card’s free early pay & no late fees can get you out of a tough spot, and there are coverage benefits for other situations (including a MasterCard backup).

This card can offer as much as 5% on cash back. Customers also have a base option to view the rewards and what they could earn with the card. On top of that, there have been no changes or interruptions in your credit history since its inception in 2014 because it has an exclusive credit level.

How to apply for your Citi Custom Cash Credit Card

The Citi Custom Cash Card is a good option for people who have difficulty managing their spending. The card can be used to make purchases in a variety of places, including groceries, gas stations, and public transportation.

You can apply for the card online or through your bank account. The process and requirements are minimal and you don’t need to have a Citi account in order to apply for it. Citi Custom Cash Card is a convenient way to save money on everyday purchases. Plus, you can manage your account without carrying cash or checks.

The Citi Mobile App is so easy to use that it can really make managing your finances on the go much more convenient. You can do everything from view account information, to access cash withdrawals and even find worldwide ATM’s conveniently from your phone. If you’ve ever traveled internationally or wanted to save money on cross-border purchases, downloading the Citibank Custom Cash app natively onto your smartphone is a worthwhile and free way to take advantage of our foreign exchange rates.

Citi Custom Cash

Credit cards have evolved over the past few decades, with slides in the 70s and paper ones these days. There are now contactless cards, which you can use to buy things when you don’t have cash or a card. The Citibank Custom Cash Card is the best bank account for remote payments & purchases. It allows you to transfer funds quickly in order to pay at thousands of stores. Despite only being available in emerging markets, this card has a lot of convenience associated to it and is also used among other Citi products.

Over the past few years, digital technological innovations have led to changes in how we spend–and how we do finances. Digital wallets allow you to save time by automating your financial tasks while also simplifying them. Now you can spend more of your day focusing on the things that really matter!

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ATM machines are being used less and less, with over a trillion dollars taken out from ATMs in 2016 alone. Among other emerging services like peer-to-peer payment services and chatbots, this trend is only going to grow stronger in the future. Citi Cash Cards are available as digital wallets now, so you can manage your card on-the stop. Link it to the mobile app and you’ll get your balance, transaction history and more.

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learn how to apply for this card with the main benefits
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