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Citi Double Cash is a prepaid debit card

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Citi Double Cash is a program that offers rewards to its members. Citi Double Cash, besides being a credit card that offers cashback on purchases, is also a rewards program with double points. The process to evaluate your application is not complete until all relevant information has been verified and accepted. The Citi Double Cash is an excellent card for people who pay a lot of money and want to earn back cash or points.

How to apply for a Citi Double Cash credit card

You can get cash back every time you make a purchase using your Citibank debit card. This is subject to citibank’s rewards program and requires that you: -have a qualifying checking account with them -be over 18 years old and living in America, Puerto Rico or the US Virgin Islands. It’s also available to businesses with 10 employees or less.

The application process includes filling out an application, uploading a recent monthly bank statement and completing a brief interview. As long as you spend – on your Citi credit card, you’ll be getting % of your monthly spend for 12 months (minus any annual fees applied to your account).

The Citi Double Cash

Citi Double Cash is a prepaid credit card that offers 2% cashback on all purchases. Created to help customers save money; earn rewards, this card will enable you to maximize your spending power.

The card is a cash back credit card that pays you double the cash rewards on every purchase. It’s not complicated to earn these rewards but you should always pay attention to the different sources of rewards, as they vary in terms of what’s available and what offers are preferred by consumers.

Citi Custom Cash is a cashback credit card that pays you up to 1.5% cash back on grocery store purchases, 3% gas station purchases and 3% on restaurants, entertainment and travel. It also has an occasional category bonus of up to 6%.

Points Program

The Citi Double Cash card has an exclusive feature in that it rewards you twice the points when you make a purchase. What’s more, it offers bonus rewards category for rotating categories. In this comparison, it’s also important to know that The Chase Freedom offers up to 5% cashback on rotating categories.

Which card do you think would be best for your needs? The Citi Double Cash is a great option if you’re into cashback rewards. It also has no annual fee, which proves to be pretty convenient.

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