Fit Mastercard Credit Card

The credit card that helps people in need

The Fit Mastercard Credit Card was created to give people with bad credit the chance to get their finances back. This credit card targets bad credit holders and is available to those who need help repairing their finances.

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See how easy and fast it is to apply for the Fit Mastercard Card!
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With Fit Mastercard, your $400 credit limit can be doubled to $800 as long as the first 6 minimum monthly payments are made on time. The card is easy, with no fines for non-payment.

This made it an ideal card for me to transfer while rebuilding my credit. The fact that it was issued by MasterCard made it easy to switch while I was working on some other issues. Fit MasterCard has many features that make it easy for anyone who is rebuilding their credit.

Mastercard recently did a study with Fit that showed the benefits of having a credit card to build credit and other perks like earning points or cash back.

One of the advantages of Fit Mastercard is that you will be able to consolidate your credit card payments in one place and receive various cash back discounts. Another thing worth mentioning is that it also has an annuity waiver, which makes it a better choice if you want to improve your finances.

Mastercard zero liability protection

Mastercard Zero Liability Protection is a cardholder service that protects you from everything done with your card. No matter to whom the purchase was granted or how the purchase is used, if the cardholder fulfills all his responsibilities, he is not responsible for anything that happens.

Mastercard’s fraud protection is so advanced that you can be sure your financial information is in safe hands. You will not be charged for any fraudulent charges made to your card.

Pros and cons Fit Mastercard Credit Card

It’s never been easier to get rewards, earn cash back and enjoy benefits than when you’re using a FLEXI credit card. The credit limit is lower, but the annuity is also lower. With a reduced maximum of $400, any card you can get could be enough for your needs. And the spending limit payment cards you can get, like the FIT Mastercard, are great for when you need to better control your spending.

Our card has a $400 limit and is accepted where Mastercards are accepted. This is not just a credit card but a Mastercard so all the benefits are there plus immediate approval without any hassle. Designed for people with bad credit scores and middle incomes who want to avoid further debt. This credit card has all the benefits of a Mastercard and more – it’s approved quickly, for an instant decision and more.

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See how easy and fast it is to apply for the Fit Mastercard Card!
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The best credit card for you is always the one that offers the most benefits. For example, if you care about earning rewards, look for a card that has points or miles. It’s a good idea to do your own research and find out what kind of cards are best suited to your needs.

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Publicado em: 22/09/2022