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It has no annual fee, no credit check model that has a lot of benefits.

sable one credit card
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Bank account with Sable one is the first thing you’ll need to open because the uses for their service are vast. You need to make use of this app’s many features in order for it to be beneficial for your business. Sable has achieved another milestone for banks with services such as this. It’s become more prevalent; accessible to consumers and gives them a way to manage their finances from anywhere. In addition, your account at CHB has FDIC coverage up to $250,000 per depositor. It can be earned by depositing with a minimum of $250.

How to apply for the Sable One Credit Card

Applying for a Sable One Card is quick and easy. Visit the Sable website, under CREDIT, click on the card name then click on EXPLORE for more info. There’s only a 2% approval rate and no credit checks are done.

  • As stated before, it only takes 5 minutes to open a Sable account and you’ll be able to get the full value out of our services.
  • Get started filling in the forms with your personal data, financial data and more. Usually, you need to provide copies of your ID and other documents.
  • Let’s first see if you are given the right email address and then confirm the email address and download the Sable application. It will help you manage your card in a quick, easy way.

Sable One Credit Card

Sable One Secured Credit Card is available for those who have had difficulty establishing or re-establishing their credit history. It might not be the best option for someone with a strong credit score. When you pay the Sable One Secured Credit Card bill in full after 12 months, you will receive a 0% APR for an additional year. This is a sign that you can structure your card in a way that makes it appealing to people who are looking for an easy repayment plan. At Sable, we don’t require minimum security deposits with credit cards. Most credit cards require a minimum deposit which is usually fixed at $200 or higher. Sable allows payments of $50 or $100 to help your application process. The company is flexible and has a low minimum credit card deposit.

To graduate to a secured credit card, you’ll need the following:

  • Make your Sable One Secure Card payments on time;
  • Don’t go over $250/month on your credit card;
  • You will earn at least $50 in cash back, so make sure you have at least that amount of transactions on your card every month to qualify for a minimum bonus;
  • You should have a credit limit of at least $500 for the past 4 months;
  • Make payroll deposits at least $150 per month;
  • Receive monthly deposits into your Sable bank account no less than $500.

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