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Serve Visa Pay As You Go Credit Card
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The Visa Serve Pay As You Go allows you to pay your debt in monthly installments and works on a customer-centric model. It is perfect for anyone who may encounter financial difficulties in the future.

The new Serve Pay As You Go Visa lets you use your finger to pay as needed, saving you time and money when you’re trying to protect yourself against an unpredictable financial future.

Save money just by saving! It’s that simple. We’ll keep your money in a high-interest account and use it whenever you need it. That way, you can be prepared for any emergency expenses that come up, like if something breaks or someone gets sick.

Serves Visa Pay As You Go

The Flexible Spending Account allows you to save money and reduce monthly payments by using your reimbursement or other fixed payments to fund you upfront. That means you can avoid paying taxes and use it before the end of the year.

The IRS has a section on its website about FSAs and HSAs. This includes links to FAQs, press releases and other resources that can better inform you about the differences between these accounts. Here is a video with more information on how to take advantage of health savings accounts.

How to Apply for

If you don’t have a credit history, prepaid cards can be the perfect alternative to help you gain access to financial products.

Customers will also need to enter ‘pay as you go’ when paying with a prepaid card. If they have a PCard, they must mention the PCard user number in the ‘username or account ID’ field

Serve Pay As You Go card
flexibility and convenience use in different places lower interest rate International
The Visa Serve Pay As You Go card has many rewards to offer. Learn how to apply.

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