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Surge Mastercard Credit Card
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If you’re new to credit or need help with your credit profile, Surge Mastercard is the card for you. The Surge Card is accepted in more places than most other cards and comes with Visa benefits and fraud protection. While this card does not offer rewards for purchases, it is a viable credit card option for customers looking to boost their credit.

There are some downsides to the Surge Card, such as the $95 annual fee for the card’s first year of membership and the high APR. However, there are also many benefits that are worth taking a look at. You may want to consider an alternative credit card that has lower fees and interest.

Credit increases Surge Mastercard

Surge Mastercard offers the possibility to double your credit limit after 6 months; it’s not guaranteed though. You need to make your first six minimum monthly payments on time and smoothly. To increase your line of credit, it’s important to try to pay your monthly bill in full, using less than 30% of your limit, and tracking your earnings.

If you have not received a raise by the 6 month review date, or if you believe you should have been higher, please contact your creditor. But remember that this can affect your credit score.

The Surge Mastercard credit card is for you

Some people may find the Surge MasterCard tempting, but it’s usually a bad idea. You can compare other credit card options using Credit Karma to find what is best for you. If you want to make sure your credit score is up, Surge might be a good option. It’s an interest-free card that can help you build credit and pay it off quickly too.

If you want to improve your credit score and want an easier way to manage your debt, then you will need a card that offers rewards on purchases and a lower interest rate.

Requirements Surge Mastercard

If you lead an active lifestyle and keep up with your spending habits, the Surge Secured Mastercard may be right for you. However, you must meet certain requirements before being approved for this. This job is not for you if you are under 18, do not yet have your US SSN, or cannot prove your income.

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