Tomo Mastercard credit card

A card that offers an easy way to earn cash back on everyday purchases

With Tomo Mastercard, everyday purchases get part of your money back!

Tomo card is the easy way to make extra cash with every purchase thanks to its rewards system. You can earn cash back without spending any more money than you usually would.

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A great card card for everyday expenses, see how to request yout Tomo Mastercard card
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Tomo Mastercard credit card features

Tomo is a credit card that uses cryptocurrency as a reward for membership. The company started working in 2013, when the popularity of cryptocurrencies was at an all time low. It has experienced a rapid growth in recent months as people tuned into its operations. Tomo is focused on Japan right now, but they will have their cards available internationally.

The Tomo Credit Card gives cardmembers a reward of up to 10% of their purchases and offers many other benefits. These include discounts on travel and access to a premium VIP lounge. The card is available in Japan, but all cards are able to earn cryptocurrency based on purchases made internationally. That is a great way to diversify and add value!

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Tomo Mastercard

Tomo credit card is a credit card with no annual fee or interest charges. It encourages you to spend within your budget and makes sure that you can pay off what you owe. From its $0 annual fee to the ability to use it anywhere in the world, no annual fees and cashback rewards, it’s clear that the card is a great solution for the online shopper.

Good for everyday purchases

Tomo Credit Card is a cryptocurrency rewards program that uses blockchain technology. It replaces the need to sell when sre values are high, because your Tomo Credit Card will automatically use the fiat currency in your account (USD or EUR) as soon as you make a purchase. So instead of taking a big hit on the value of crypto, you get rewards for everyday purchases!

This card allows users to seamlessly make any transaction with cryptocurrency. And since the value doesn’t change, there’s no need to worry that you lost money in the process. Tomo Card has been praised by fintech and cryptocurrency experts, who have recognized it for its unique features. For example, you can use this card to pay with bitcoin or other ERC20 tokens with no fees.

Rewards Program

The company was founded in 2017 by the CEO and co-founder James S. To date, they have managed to raise $2 million in funding, thanks to investors like Andreessen Horowitz, Founders Fund, and Union Square Ventures. This card is not only a way to earn points, but also spend them to buy goods or services in the real world. Tomo’s partnership with retailers and Uber or Lyft allow you to spend your cryptocurrency on rides, which might be beneficial to those who travel internationally.

Tomo’s approach is to offer fixed rates for all currencies, no matter what the U.S. dollar does. With transparent, open-source pricing, it’s a reliable choice for your business. In order to enter the right hedging strategy for your budget you need not to take into account market fluctuations.

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Publicado em: 03/10/2022