U.S.Bank Altitude Go Secured Card

A card that is guaranteed to have many benefits that make it an attractive option

Unlike other “secure” cards on the market that are not exceptional or worthwhile, the U.S.Bank Altitude Go Secured Card is competitively priced with a wide variety of base, bonus and reward options.

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See how easy and fast it is to apply for the US Bank Altitude Go Secured Card!
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Altitude Go Secured is a credit card that has some very nice features. It comes with all the perks needed by someone on the go and with little to no annual fee! Some of the specific features include strong rewards across multiple daily spend categories, no annual fee, and the ability to “upgrade” to a more secure version by consistently paying your bill.

Customers can earn up to 4x points on qualifying purchases with the US Bank Altitude card while maintaining a low fee structure and no annual fee. For more details, be sure to check out our Bank of USA Visa Altitude Go Guaranteed Card Review.

Highlights of the U.S. Bank Altitude Go Secured Card

No annuity; Earn 4 points per dollar spent on groceries and restaurants, 2 points for gas and stores, and 1 point for all other eligible purchases. Streaming services like Netflix and Spotify give you the option to get $15 off your annual purchase by using this promo code.

You will receive an annual credit of $15 for 12 months if you subscribe to the card and make a purchase with it after the 11 month prepaid period. There is also no foreign transaction fee with this card.

Points do not expire and can be redeemed for cash back, travel, etc.; Cashback redemptions start at 2,500 points. You will have to accumulate enough rewards before you can redeem the winnings.

Benefits U.S.Bank Altitude Go Secured Card

No annual fee, with a $15 annual subscription credit for eligible services.

Disadvantages U.S.Bank Altitude Go Secured Card

You must deposit $300 and all cards except our secure card will earn you 100% of all your spend no matter what. Our secure card offers exclusive rewards for us or better aligned with your spending habits.

Other advantages

Everyone’s schedule is different, so it’s useful to be able to choose when to pay your bills. Protect yourself from fraud with a zero liability policy and you won’t have to worry about being held responsible if your card is lost or stolen.

Card fraud is a huge problem and needs to be resolved quickly. Thieves use stolen information to make purchases, create false charges and withdraw funds from your account. There are ways to take a proactive approach to preventing these losses by being notified of unauthorized card activity whenever it happens.

Many online retailers offer the option of paying your bill in installments or automatically, the right choice for you. For example, if you buy a coffee machine, your credit card can be charged for all costs quickly, automatically and without additional hassle!

The US Bank Mobile App available 24/7 allows you to access your accounts from anywhere, send and receive payments, check your balance and more.

Contactless payments allow you to pay using your contactless card. It only takes a simple tap. When checking out, activate the card correctly and you will be able to make the payment without having to go through the usual processes.

Reward potential

A recent review revealed that the US Bank Altitude Go Visa secured card can be a smart way to bolster your credit rating. To determine if it’s right for you by reviewing the card against average annual expenses and average spending across multiple categories.

Average households earn $63,179 and have $20,732 in total credit card spending per year. Your points total is $222.92. If, for example, you spend $3,571 on groceries, $2,767 on restaurant expenses, and $354 on streaming services, you’ll earn (22,292) points, redeemable for $222.92 in value!

The total number of points you can earn by spending $12,353 is 34,645, with 12,353 of those points coming from a credit card. You would get $346.45 cash back.

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See how easy and fast it is to apply for the US Bank Altitude Go Secured Card!
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